Feel the rush of the game with Fan Jersey. Become part of the excitement as every major play reverberates on your skin. Connected through your phone via Bluetooth, Fan Jersey lets you receive real time haptic vibrations so you can feel the excitement of every highlight in the game. The experience creates a fan to team connection unlike anything ever seen before - putting you front and center with the game.

Unveiled at Super Bowl 50 in 2016, Wearable Experiments showcased Fan Jersey at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco.


Inspired by the passion of the game, being a fan is strengthened through sensory technology. Fan Jersey amplifies that experience through its power to connect - bringing a fourth dimension of entertainment to the thrill of game day. Using haptic vibrations, the shirt communicates when there are interceptions, turn overs, touchdowns, fumbles from the other team, Red Zone plays - and when your team is going for it in a 1st and 4th Down! It’s everything you need to be a part of the action no matter where you are.  

“As a leading innovator in wearable technology, we are thrilled to unveil Fan Jersey to help promote and enjoy the biggest sporting event of the year,” said Billie Whitehouse, co-founder of Wearable X. “There’s no better place to demonstrate the power of deeply connecting fans to their favorite sports moments. By using the skin as an interface, Fan Jersey allows the excitement of the game to literally be felt in ways they never have before.” Wearable X and its strategic partner MAS Holdings of Sri Lanka, joined forces once again in order to make this project a reality.  

Fan Jersey official press release here

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Winner of the 2016 WEAREABLE Fashion Award