The first Football Fan Shirt in Europe that gives Fans the opportunity to FEEL the game action.

The Football Fan Shirt is embedded with haptic technology that connects fans in real-time with action in the game through touch. 

Using the skin as an interface, we are able to transmit plays from the game directly to the wearer using choreographed haptic feedback. This creates a heightened sense of excitement blurring the lines between player and spectator.

The Football Fan Shirt is connected to an app, where you can select which team you want to follow. By harnessing real-time game data, this allows the wearer to feel the sensations of what the team is going through with every major play as it happens on the pitch:

Live Action Includes:

·         Corners

·         Yellow card

·         Red card

·         Penalties

·         Free kicks

·         Fouls

·         Offsides

·         Shot on goal/shots off goal

·         The Celebration of scoring Goals


Physically and digitally connecting the fan to their favorite team in a way that has never been done before.

Giving [fans] the power to experience this new ‘fourth dimension of entertainment.’
— The Football Fan Shirt lets fans literally feel the game
If watching football in 4K ultra high definition with surround sound isn’t enough, footie fans will soon be able to ‘feel’ the game.
— Vibrating football shirt lets you feel the highs and lows of a big match
You’ll savor goals that much more.
— 'Football Fan Shirt' uses haptics to help you feel the big match