Fundawear: the future of foreplay

A new innovation which keeps couples connected even when they’re apart!

Fundawear is the world’s first wearable technology which allows personal touch to be transferred from a smartphone app to a partner anywhere in the world.

Billie Whitehouse designed Fundawear in partnership with Ben Moir and Havas Worldwide, for Durex.

Billie designed and hand made the garments using high-quality bamboo fabric to conceal the technology seamlessly while still looking elegant. Fundawear is a prototype technology that allows physical touch to be transferred wirelessly between couples and recreated on their skin. It sends real touch from one smartphone to another and from there to mini sensors inside the Fundawear garments, so couples can tease, tickle and tantalise - even when they are apart.







To date, the ad campaign generated coverage worldwide: 7,000,000+ Youtube views, 244 mainstream news pieces, 107 video embedded in tech, news, and lifestyle media, a further 1,333 blogs covered the story.


Cannes Lions 60th International Festival of Creativity 2013, Havas won - Silver Lion PR Award


Silver Lion - PR

Silver Lion - PR